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Latest release of TurboCNC is v4.01 build 050312
released March 13

TurboCNC Archive

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These are old release copies of TurboCNC.  

Please note - these are for convenience only and are no longer supported.   The current version is on the download page.

Version designation   Zip file archive date   Major features added  
TurboCNC v4.00 08-26-2004 New interface, major code overhaul
TurboCNC v3.1a 08-18-2002 Maintenance
TurboCNC v3.1 04-10-2002 Threading, probing
TurboCNC v3.0g+ 01-14-2002 Maintenance
TurboCNC v3.0g 12-20-2001* Speed, more pins out
TurboCNC v3.0f 10-14-2001 R-word arcs
TurboCNC v3.0e 09-16-2001 Maintenance
TurboCNC v3.0d 08-09-2001 Backlash compensation

*NOTE: I adjusted this archive by deleting an extra file.  The rest of the content is unchanged.




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