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These are some of the parts that users have made with TurboCNC.  Most of these guys are in business for themselves now, making stuff and having fun.


Dan Statman, Statman Designs

Anodized titanium jewelry.


Doug Fortune. 

Ductile iron, 809 hole indexing plate for gear hobbing.  8.25" dia.



Bill Dupont,  Pliers in aluminum alloy 5456. 

This was Bill's "first attempt" by the way.


Frank Gombik,.  Lost foam aluminum casting.


Steve Kun.  Aluminum motorcycle fork braces.


Eric Van Andel. Clockworks gear,  MDF 


Kevin Bagg, Bagpipe ferrules with engraving.

Mark Wrathall, Intake bellmouth for a Mazda 13B Wankel

Ted Maciag, race car powered by a Cox .010 engine

Frank-Peter Kurda, wooden clock.

Steve Nuttall, 1/24th scale German 7.92mm MG17 machine gun for a model BF109G aircraft, and a 1/200th scale IJN Type 96 25mm AA gun barrel.  

As a footnote for the AA gun, Steve was building a ship model that had 156 of these to mount.  Luckily for him, TurboCNC only needed 59 seconds to make each one.

Dave Kush,

Linear bearing block foam pattern and casting.

Pete Gruendeman, heat exchanger bulkhead fitting.  

The larger piece had 9 turns of straight pipe thread that goes directly into 5 turns of tapered pipe thread. Threads were single pointed with TurboCNC.

Anatoly Zaya-Ruzo, doll automaton. 

An intricate mechanism plays music (51 notes in this example) and moves the doll's hands & head.




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