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  I link to high-quality sites only.  Let me know if any of these are not working or are otherwise sub-par and I'll cull them out.

CNC related:

Foam cutting aircraft wings - French site on hot wire foam cutting

Buy stepper motors here from MendoNET Or take a look at their CNC related links

Camtronics - I know Dan Mauch personally - he lives just a few towns away (or at least did when I lived in Washington).  Great guy to buy motors and drive systems from.

Build your own hobby CNC - Dave has a great kit for small mills.  You can solder it yourself in about 3 hours and have a decent drive on a budget

Drive products from Geckodrive Inc. - The de-facto standard in drives for retrofit machines

Stepper motors from EOL surplus - Good place to get motors, but check back often as it's hit and miss.

CAD_CAM_EDM_DRO forum - The original listserv where we all got our info years ago.  Still going strong

DXF to G code converter - Shoptronics has software tools to help you get your code written

TurboCNC user's forum - OK, this is kind of a plug.  Best place to get general help on TurboCNC.

Paul Jones's page on CNC conversions - Sort of half-blog, half inventor.  Entertaining reading, and a must for those just starting out.

Pennine Engineering (CNC Spares) - spare parts for commercial systems

CNC electronics specialists - Repair, parts, exchange services, and used surplus spares for GE Fanuc, GEC, Siemens, and Mazak CNC based machines. 

Discount Tools - a quality tool supplier

CNC4PC - parallel port breakout board, solid state relay driver, and spindle index circuit for threading

Aaria51 DNC Software DNC Software provides Direct File Transfer to and from CNC memory as well as continuous Drip Feeding of even the largest CNC programs with Stop, Pause, Wait and Auto Repeat DNC.

Haas Automation Machining Blog - Haas’ official service blog with videos, FAQ’s, tips and success stories for CNC info.  In case you haven't heard of them - they're the last machine tool builder still completely "Made in USA". 

Delagrange Technology LLC - Stepper motor drives (unipolar & bipolar), motors, and power supplies.

FigNoggle - Mini-mill CNC conversion plans and general info

CNC Fusion - Kits and accessories for CNC on small lathes and mills like the Seig X3 and Grizzly/HF 7x12.

Coast Electronics - Complete retrofit 3 axis controls using steppers, "plug and play" with parallel port CNC controls.

AST Industria - Parts, information and service for CNC machines.  This site is based in Brazil; lots of good information here (click on the articles tab).

Damen CNC - CNC retrofit supplies - motors, bearings, drives, tutorials, and packaged systems.  Based in the Netherlands so it's convenient for folks in Europe.

Sieg X3 CNC conversion kit - Marc Huett's turnkey design for a mini-mill retrofit.  Based in Australia.

General interest:

Human usability on the Internet - how people process online information.  Good resource if you're a web developer or technical writer.

Top quality shareware:

I use all of these programs on a regular basis and highly recommend them.  All are full un-crippled downloads that you can use right away.

IrfanView - Image viewer and editor.  Does format conversions and color corrections.

Textpad - King of text editors, with syntax highlighting for nearly any programming language (including Pascal and Eiffel) and advanced features such as a vertical copy/paste, search/replace entire directories of files, and macros.

Auto Hotkey - Global automation tool for Windows.  Assign hotkeys and very sophisticated macros (this is a Turing-Complete software language) to your repetitive keystrokes and menu picks for speed.





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