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Latest release of TurboCNC is v4.01 build 050312
released March 13

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All of the software listed below is fully functional shareware.  No keys, no cracks, no nonsense.  

I trust the users to follow through and register when they've made their evaluation.

Gear Calculator - Does all the calculations for spur gear sizing per ASME standards.  Runs in Windows and includes a report generator for analysis records.

Task Manager - Simple, robust to-do list program.  Runs in Windows.  Has a sophisticated prioritization algorithm that I tested quite heavily in college.

TurboCNC - 8 axis CNC interpreter.  Runs in DOS and provides step/direction or direct phase control on the parallel port.

Misc-Sim - Windows simulator for a conceptual 4 instruction minimal instruction set microprocessor.

Zbreak - Post-processing utility for performing 2.5D milling operations on machines without a powered Z axis.  Runs in DOS with a command line interface.

Ace Converter - DXF to G-code conversion utility.  Originally published by Yeager Automation.  Runs in Windows.  Open source.




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