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released March 13

Task Manager

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   All the time management software that I've tried in the past seems to have one trait in common - too many bells, whistles, and features. So I wrote this program in VB5, which is a rolling "to-do" list that's simple, quick, and small on resources so my regular apps don't get bogged down when it's open.

   This program is shareware with a $5 registration.  Source is available also - fire me an email if you want it.

  It runs in Windows 95/98 or later.  A text file is included (look for it in the installation directory) to explain how to use it.


Task list manager - files only - 86k

Task list manager FULL INSTALLATION - 716k

All VB 5.0 programs require this run time library (MSVBVM50.DLL).  You probably have it on your system already, but if you don't then here it is.  Unzip it to your windows\system directory.  THIS FILE IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE DOWNLOAD ABOVE!

MSVBVM50.ZIP - 704k

Sample screenshot:





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