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Latest release of TurboCNC is v4.01 build 050312
released March 13

TurboCNC v4.01

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This is a robust, efficient CNC interpreter for driving machines with up to 8 axes of motion. TurboCNC is fully functional shareware with a $60 registration fee (US dollars).

  Complete download (5.7 M)  

  Software only - no documentation (342 k)

  User's manual (5M) online in html.

System Requirements:

  • 486-66 PC or better with math coprocessor
  • DOS or DOS base operating system (or WIN 3.1, 95/98)
  • Available parallel port for IO


  • Fully configurable step/direction or direct phase outputs - compatible with MaxNC (not the closed loop type) and HobbyCNC boards, Geckodrives, and all types of Camtronics drives
  • Canonical RS-274D g-code - works with CAM programs such as DeskEngrave, VectorCAM, ACE converter and others
  • Built-in code editor - stop and re-start anywhere in a program
  • Unlimited file sizes
  • 8 axis simultaneous motion, any mix of angular or linear with backlash compensation and straight IPM/IPR and inverse feed modes.  
  • Configurable IO for reversible and speed control spindles, E-Stop, home, limit, block hold, coolant pumps, clamps, digitizing probe, jog encoders, and PLC's
  • Fully parametric programming, with variables, subroutines, and expressions
  • Linear, circular, and helical interpolation using IJ or R notation
  • Multiple axis threading capability - tapered and multi-start threads.
  • Turning, threading, drilling, and slab-milling canned cycles
  • G54 through G59 fixture offsets
  • 60 tool offsets

NOTE: Direct port access is not permitted under Windows NT, 2000, and XP, and so the proper function of TurboCNC with these operating systems is not a given.  Instructions on how to set up these systems with a boot disk is included in the program documentation.

Source code and free support is yours when you register this program for $60 US. See the ordering page for details.

Check out the TurboCNC User's Forum with well over two thousand users sharing ideas and advice. If you're not registered with YahooGroups, you'll need to do so to participate, but you can read it anonymously.

Have a look at the Gallery to see some nifty parts made using TurboCNC. There is some very impressive work there.




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