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released March 13


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  So your milling machine doesn't have a powered Z axis, but your CAM software assumes that it does?  

  Zbreak is a simple DOS utility to scan through a G code file and insert an M00 halt instruction each time the Z axis needs to be moved manually by the operator.

   Fully functional shareware with $20 (US) registration for perpetual upgrades and access to the source code for the program.

  ZBREAK.ZIP - (21k download, v0.91 DOS)


  • Simple, fast command line operation 

  • Single files or batch conversions

  • Z axis target position is output as a comment

  • Cognizant of absolute and incremental modes

  • No break is output when the Z axis is addressed but does not move

  • Breaks are inserted after G81-83 commands for drilling

NOTE: Zbreak is designed to work best with TurboCNC, however, most RS-274 based ASCII formats will be compatible.

  A windows version of Zbreak is coming soon.





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