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  Beginner's guide to CNC conversions - If you're not sure about how to go about retrofitting a machine to CNC, this will give you a start.  This is the presentation I gave at NAMES in April 2003.

  Harbor Freight 7x10 CNC conversion - Overview of what my converted 7x10 looks like and what it took to do it.

  Harbor Freight CNC Lathe FAQ - The nitty-gritty details on the conversion, for those that want more info. 

  Anti-backlash mechanism details - How I took care of the backlash on the X (cross slide) axis.

  TurboCNC FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about TurboCNC.

  CNC threading - How threading works on a CNC lathe, and how you can set it up on yours.



  RISK processor - Simple embedded project that I did for fun.  If you know the old board game "RISK" then you'll understand.

  MISC processor - Hypothetical genetic programming base element.

  Control a relay from the parallel port - This is handy for spindles, coolant, lights, and so forth.  Written for the absolute beginner.

  Review of the ShopTronics CNC toolkit

  Tips on Software Engineering - I learned these the hard way, so that you don't have to.





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