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  Beginner's guide to CNC conversions - If you're not sure about how to go about retrofitting a machine to CNC, this will give you a start.  This is the presentation I gave at NAMES in April 2003.

  Harbor Freight 7x10 CNC conversion - Overview of what my converted 7x10 looks like and what it took to do it.

  Harbor Freight CNC Lathe FAQ - The nitty-gritty details on the conversion, for those that want more info. 

  Anti-backlash mechanism details - How I took care of the backlash on the X (cross slide) axis.

  TurboCNC FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about TurboCNC.

  CNC threading - How threading works on a CNC lathe, and how you can set it up on yours.



  RISK processor - Simple embedded project that I did for fun.  If you know the old board game "RISK" then you'll understand.

  MISC processor - Hypothetical genetic programming base element.

  Control a relay from the parallel port - This is handy for spindles, coolant, lights, and so forth.  Written for the absolute beginner.

  Review of the ShopTronics CNC toolkit.  The kit itself is available here at the ShopTronics site.

  Tips on Software Engineering - I learned these the hard way, so that you don't have to.





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